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Hi people of DA...

This is just an update of my life, and how GREAT it's been... Not. X-X

Okay, so let me start with the beginning, three weeks ago on Monday my sister picked me up from school and I were on our way home having a nice chat about room decorating, I had turned to see the other cars just gazing out the window while we were talking when, WAM! An elderly couple hit us!

Now I must add my sister is a very cautious driver, like she is one of those people who will drive more then the needed length away from the car in front of us, who will re-park three times cause the car is a little to the left.

Anyways, back to the story, so we get hit on the passenger side where I was sitting so I SAW THE WHOLE THING! The car stopped and I looked at my sister who was just as shocked as me, I asked if she was okay and she said yes, but I was scared cause I saw she had a scratch and she had hit her head. Well, while we were there the couple didn't move their car back so when we drove out of the middle of the street we had to grind against it and it was a miracle we got to a safer place to park the car, but after that it wouldn't move any more. After about five minutes the other car was still in the street, but the police got there, so did a fire truck but nothing was on fire they just had medics to check on us, I wasn't hurt, my sister's scratch wasn't deep and her head only had a small bump. Luckily we were both okay, and the other couple were fine too, but the officer told us the older woman was freaking out and they kept us apart from each other so we didn't talk to each other. After an hour the medics left, the officer did some paper stuff, and this took at least an hour, and after so my dad drove by us with his ride, he told his ride to stop and came over to us and we explained we were okay and he went home to tell our mother. Before so my sister got in contact with her mother in law who got there and drove us home.

At home my mom was happy to see we were okay, and then we all made a joke about me not getting hurt in the accident considering I always hurt myself on accident. It's was funnier then it sounds here...

But we lost the car so I haven't been to school since then, and I know I could take the bus, but in the neighborhood I live in I would disappear, be kidnapped and WORST!

But we all have been looking on the bright side, we are planning on moving next year in January or a month after into the mountains, where we had spent the night in with my sister's mother in law and it was NICE! There were so many friendly people who acted like they knew you your entire life but not in the weird stalker kind of way. It was overwhelming for me and my little sister, but in a good warm fuzzy way.

Recently my mom asked me to make her characters for something she is doing and I have been, before I got sick so it's slowed us down. So anyways, for the last two days I have been sick and have slept for those last two days, I feel alot better but still pretty bad so I guess I feel "So-so good". Oh and maybe in two weeks we might get a new car.

(Please be a four seater truck! Please be a four seater truck! Please be a four seater truck!)

So bad news:
Me and my sister were in a car accident;
We lost the car;
I haven't gone to school in three weeks;
I am sick;
We live in a bad neighborhood;

Good news;
I am going to school Monday;
We might get a new car;
Me and my sister are okay;
I am working with my mom;

The best news;
I have my family and no matter what happens, I have them.
And that is the best thing I could ever have.

So with LOTS of Love from me to you!
Good luck and have a good Thanks Giving DeviantArt!~

Tee hee~


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Katherine but call me Katie.
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I AM AN ARTIST. I like games and animes and I want to make them one day and have my own company. One of my favorite video games is Pokemon. I used to really like the show too till the Black and White episodes.


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